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. house speaker john boehner as well. this is about one hour. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome our honored guests, members of the united states of the house of representatives, the house and senate, and the speaker. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, the speaker of the united states house of representatives, the honorable john boehner. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon and welcome to the united states capitol. we are honored to be joined today by members of the diplomatic corps, former ambassadors, representatives of the state department and u.s. mint. and leaders of the u.s. jewish community throughout the country. , intly before christmas 1944, raoul wallenberg did something that many of us had to do. he told his mother he would not be home for christmas. i must send you my best wishes for christmas, he wrote. i hope the peace so long for is not far away. addedttom of the note, he , lots of kisses to nina and her little girl. sister. brought will she is with this along with several members of the family. thank you for being here. [applause] by the time he sent that letter,
john boehner today announced he plans to sue the president over his illegal and abusive use of executive orders. fox news has the latest. >> of the constitution, makes it clear that a president's job is to faithfully execute the laws. in my view, the president has not. faithfully executed the laws. >> fox news legal analyst, says the lawsuit is dead on approval and in her opinion grabbed standing on the part of speaker boehner. my next guest and his new book, "the people versus barack obama: the criminal case against the obama administration," joining us tonight, editor at large at breitbart.com, new york times best selling author ben shapiro. good oh to have you with us, ben. >> thanks. >> let's turn to boehner's lawsuit, your judgment. you suggest something in your book -- well, approximate, i would say, in a case of a private civil lawsuit. what do you think of the boehner idea? >> i think boehner's idea is mainly a cover. i don't think that the lawsuit is actually going to go anywhere from a legal perspective, because the supreme court generally refers to this a politica
is inviting house speaker john boehner to sue him. and he said the7'a1cclicans need to stop, the plans. >> the republicans plan is to instead of work with me is sue me. that's what they are spending their time on. it will waste months of america's time and they will pay for it using your hard- earned tax dollars. >> speaker boehner out lined the suit. changes in the signature health care law without congressional approval such as the employer man date that is delayeded. it is not a political stunt but reforming the way things are done in washington and making an example of the overuse of executive action. >> let me make this clear. this is not about me suing the president. it is not about republicans versus democrats, this is about the legislative branch that is being disadvantaged by the executive branch. >> it is about the separation of powers and that's what this lawsuit goes to the heart of in regard to separation of powers and allowing the senate and house to pass legislation and when the president signs it, he is expected to execute the laws. >> the house rules committee will hol
are off between president obama and house speaker john boehner. what the president is saying now about mr. boehner's lawsuit against him. >>> you can forget angry birds. our "consumer reports" expert has the inside scoop on the best tablets for kids that are fun, educational and they say easy on your wallet. >>> we begin with a crisis in israel and the gaza strip. the death toll jumping to over 135 today as the barrage of hamas rockets continues. the israeli military now ordering palestinians living in northern gaza to evacuate. this is all part of the heavy israeli air assaults on suspected targets, including a mosque they say was hiding an arsenal of weapons belonging to the terror groups. prompting the u.n. city council today to call for a cease fire. john huddy has the latest. >> reporter: arthel, right now there is an erie silence, really the only thing you hear is as i said earlier, the him of the drones circling above. every now and again, the rumbling of a fighter jet in the distance. there is no dogs barking or people walking on the street enjoying the ocean breeze. it is an eeri
in the majority. does she think those justices were ill equipped to decide that case? if speaker john boehner made a similar comment about female justices nancy pelosi would be crying sexism. >> what do you think as a man. >> i'm the worst person to go to. i agree with megyn. it's not just pelosi. it's liberals. they do the same exact thing. if they get a supreme court ruling they don't like the supreme court is biassed, 5-4. we're screwed. we can't wait until there's another democrat appointed or whatever. >> are you kidding me? >> when they go in your favor like obamacare and things like that, oh, they are the best things -- >> she whined so much about the obamacare 5-4 decision -- >> you whined about the hobby lobby decision. >> i was just about to say. >> i was about to say -- i was going agree with you. when you get beat in the supreme court you don't like it and use whatever ammo you got. >> definitely a bold move on megyn kelly taking on nancy pelosi in a very pointed way. how do you see it? >> the next segment we're going to do on the show is how women can get away with things men can't. w
. >> republican house speaker john boehner responds to president obama's request for money to deal with the immigration crisis. >> our priorities are clear. take care of these children, return them safely home to their home countries, to their families and secure the border. i sent a letter to the president laying out specific actions that he should take to address the crisis. including sending in the national guard. the national guard is uniquely qualified to address these types of humanitarian crises and utilizing their -- free up border agents, at the focus on their job, but securing the border. now, the president said yesterday he'd consider doing that only if he gets more money but no strings attached. in other words, he won't do it for the kids, it's all about politics. this is a problem of the president's own making. he's been president for five and a half years. when is he going to take responsibility for something? >> question, is this a problem of the president's own making? as speaker boehner asserts? >> i think to some degree, it is, and i think that's why john boehner
pli, i think we know sadly immigration reform is deads for this year. look, when john boehner has said it, when the president has said it, when congress, the republican working on it has been told that by leadership, that it's not going to be brought up, i think, you know, at that point even i have to say yes, it's dead for the year, something that's very painful for me to say. it doesn't mean that it can't be brought up next year. but i think the urgency right now is to take care of this current crisis because the optics of this crisis are just real bad. >> thanks, guys. nice to see both of you. thank you. >> thank you. >>> imagine walking out of a hotel, seeing paparazzi everywhere, stepping into a limo, whisked off to an exclusive hotspot. it may be just another day for celebrities but now everyone can experience that. of course for a price. if frustration and paperwork decrease... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care. 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about? foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in
'll be talking more about this a little bit later. >>> and obama speaking out against john boehner, saying his lawsuit against him over the health care law a political stunt. elisabeth pran is in washington with the story. >> the president again inviting john boehner to sue him. asking him to stop blocking every serious idea he's brought to help the middle class. >> the republican plan is not to work with me, it's to sue me. it's going to waste america's time, and they're paying for it with your hard-earned tax dollars. >> -- such as the employer mandate, delayed until 2015. boehner says it's about reforming the way things are done in washington, and making an example of the president's use of executive action. >> it's not about reasons versus democrats. it's about the legislative branch being taken advantage of by the executive branch. >> and they worked their will to pass legislation. and the president is expected to execute those laws. >> back to you. >> thank you. >>> so, should money solve the immigration crisis at our border, or should the president send the national guard? republican le
? if the house doesn't act. i believe he always believed that john boehner was his partner on this. >> now that he hasn't and you're going back at the end of july, you're going to tell them what you expect him to do. would that include -- could he grant work permits to all those undocumenteds, do think he could do that by executive action? >> i think he can begin to do it and i think he can reach that goal, yes. >> you start small and build up? >> i think he can reach all of them. i think we should have some conversations. i don't want to preclude what the president -- i hope the president says this is the beginning, even if it is the end. just in case someone comes up with another idea. this is a new area, right? i think this is a moment for the president to stand up and say, the country believes we should reform our immigration system. 68 senators including john mccain. >> republicans -- some are upset with what he did for the dreamers. they were going to do it for 8 or 9 million more, they will go ballistic and say it is unconstitutional and illegal. >> al, they said to me, luis, we wan
think the devil is in the detail. rick perry said that we should just send the national guard. and john boehner in particular said to get it done quickly before congress goes out for recess. >> and there's a clear need to act. $3.7 dbillion, that's a lot of money. tyler, do you they they'll act soon? >> if you have a boat that's leaking, you start to bail water, but also you look for holes and try to fix them. this just buys more buckets. the border is still not going to be secure. and it's not really a republican or democratic problem. it's a problem, we don't have a great idea of what should be done. >> and republicans have said, how exactly are you going to spend this? governor rick perry calling for 1,000 national guard troops. the white house saying this is a temporary solution. what do you think? >> well, that's exactly right. as i said, i do believe there's some willingness to deal, but there's no appetite to deal with camp hencive immigration reform solutions. so, it's ironic that the president is being accused of not doing enough, when it was only on the democratic side in 2006
of fame in 2002 and leave behind music that spans two decades and nearly 40 albums. well, john boehner is not backing down from the threat to sue the president. is it a stand or political power play? >> it's a political stunt that's going to waste months of america's time. >> and he calls himself a real estate daredevil, and he says the time to cash in on the real estate market is now. you will hear from frank joining us live. stay with us for that, folks. [bell rings] this...is jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!" that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste, and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delic
and hurt the party? >> there is fear about that. john boehner trying to walk a sensitive middle ground. you have folks who really want to take stronger actions. some have mentioned impeachment. john boehner does not seem to want to go that far. this is a step where they can challenge the president and say all this stuff the president is doing, he doesn't want to work with us, and put the onus on the president. so they're doing this lawsuit. they've made it a fairly narrow focus. they said they've talked to legal experts and they're challenging what the president did in delaying the mandate for businesses to provide health care. still thinking health care is an interesting issue and a tough issue for the president, unpopular among republicans. so they're going to challenge him on that. i do think there is concern. i think the white house, you're seeing what the president is -- the president is happy to talk about this lawsuit and making fun of it. i think there's concern among republicans they'll overreach. >> how about everything we are seeing from republicans? do you think it is about all
opposition to the minimum wage, why not have the courage to vote that way. instead, john boehner is too afraid politically, because he knows that most of america is going to support the raise of the minimum wage. >> this shouldn't be a federal issue, and that is where we are coming from, and this is not their problem as gary b. eloquently said, it is a market-driven issue, and that is where it should be. >> and back to the economy, and john, i want you to jump in, please. >> this needs to be fixed. and this arguing of the john boehner and stop with the stupid politics. that is what is wrong with this country, you want to blame the other side. i agree with jonas that you need to index it for inflation , but it needs so go to the state instead of the federal government, because the economy is so divergent from the silicon valley to mississippi, that you have so divergent needs that it needs to go to voters and that is one thing i need to agree with mark on. >> and the baseline minimum wage that it can't be below, and the states should be setting the min mum wages as well. there are a lot
businesses and help families. >> that same day, house speaker john boehner let it the rip when he announced, remember he announced he was suing the president this week, and so he shot back and asked if republicans will bear the blame if they don't approve the nearly $4 billion the president wants to address the crisis. >> listen, this is a problem of the president's own making. he's been president for five and a half years, when's he going to take responsibility for something? >> it's getting real in washington. with me at the table, democratic pollster, juan, president and general council for the organization latino justice and lenny request republican strategist and senior vice president of heinz communication, nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> i don't mind when my president is the letting it rip. he's like hey, i have no more elections to run for, but is that a fair assessment of what's really happening here because honestly, the white house sounds like they want to send the children home? >> well, it's not just about whether or not we send the kids home, it's about how they need l
of homeland security not to per sue for low-risk immigrants. house speaker john boehner laid out the meat for what he says is the forthcoming lawsuit against the president, executive authority relative to obamaca c.a.r.e. c.a.r.e. -- obama c.a.r.e. >> if republicans refuse to work with this president to finally solve this immigration issue, which we have been facing for more than a decade, and there has been a bill languishing in congress called the senate immigration bill, that could have mitigated this crisis, and the president has given republicans all the room they need to try to work with him on this. if at the end of the day they refuse, yes, i do think he should act alone, because this is a desperate situation that we're facing now. the immigration issue has now become an immigration crisis, and we're now seeing that everything that he's asking for to fix the current crisis at land with these children crossing at the border, that republicans are now balking at even giving him help in fixing that. so republicans can't have it both ways. they can't scream that this president is not d
from chase. so you can. >>> it's been two weeks since speaker john boehner first announced he would ask the house to bring a lawsuit against president obama's use of executive action. which executive actions? he didn't seem to know yet. >> what specific executive action are you planning to challenge in court? >> when i make that decision, i'll let you know. >> this week speaker boehner made his decision. he says he is going to sue obama over the affordable care act. take that, obama care. the lawsuit takes issue with president obama's decision to delay the affordable care act's employer mandate. that is the decision that gave companies with full-time employees an extra year to provide health insurance for their workers. what makes this curious is that the delay is also something that the overwhelming majority of house republicans voted to do after president obama announced the -- yeah, the delay. but anyway, by doing that boehner contends the president changed the health care law without a vote of congress effectively creating his own law. if this president can get away with making his
john boehner when he said comprehensive immigration reform is not going to happen in this term. it will not happen before the election or by the end of the year. what they are saying to him is they are going to have to do something on your own. they want to urge the president to do bold steps. back in 2012, you might remember, he had a policy of deferred action, stopping deportation of many of the people who had come here illegally. they want to expand that to millions more. he is getting information. he has people doing research about what kind of executive actions he can take. he is expecting a report from jeh johnson about the situation at the border. and it's going to be interesting to see how far he is willing to go with these executive actions. but there is a lot of pressure on the white house right now, both from immigration groups and from the congressional hispanic caucus and other progress if's who want to see the president take bold executive actions with congress looking like they are not going to do anything on immigration reform and pushing back on this $3.7 billi
worth its day in or the, apparently, according to john boehner is the president's delayed implementation of one piece of obamacare. a delay republicans recently supported. but there is a silver lining to all of this gop self-contradictory phases of resistance followed by acceptance. they did go from trying to stop all of obamacare to voting to repeal all of obamacare, to voting to delay part of obamacare, to now suing to protest that same delay of that same part of obamacare. and that amounts to, yes, a softening of their position. and while it's no surprise that their much hyped lawsuit is hypocritical and you could say, hey, there's plenty of hypocrisy in all politics, i think there's a reason the politics and the message from the gop is shifting here. there have been waves of good news and verifiable progress for obamacare, and that's driving a factual undertoe to republican midterm politics. the fact is obamacare is working. and among people with access to its benefits including republican voters, the fact is it's very popular. the law was designed to reduce the uninsured. it was des
channel sunday at 8:00 p.m. >>> house speaker john boehner saying lawsuit will focus on the unilateral changes to obamacare, specifically the administration's decision to delay the employer mandate. the speaker outlined a strategy in a statement last night. he said, quote, if this president can get away with making his own laws, future presidents will have the ability to as well. the house rules committee is scheduled to take up the matter next wednesday, and if he is allowed to make up his own laws, one suspects that a third term might be in the offing. >>> another court victory in the search for answers in the irs conservative targeting scandal. a second federal judge has now ordered the internal revenue service to explain how the irs lost e-mails from lois lerner, the conservative watchdog group judicial watch and the tea party group true the vote have filed separate lawsuit against the irs. both have now won favorable rulings in court and their quest to uncover what they call an irs cover-up. >>> meanwhile house republicans raising the pressure on lerner. republican congressman ste
surrounding one of his latest columns. >> house speaker john boehner was joined by nancy pelosi in a bipartisan group of representatives to formally sign the work force innovation and opportunity act. this is about 10 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. hr-803. a good job retraining bill that will help many people in america have better access through the kind of skills that are needed in today's workforce. you know, there are about four million job openings in america, and about four million americans looking for work. but the skills needed for those jobs aren't held by the four million people looking for work. so what this bill does is consolidate a number of job training programs, provides flexibility at the local level. in addition to all that, this is a great opportunity for us to show that we can't get things done. listen to the -- that we can get things done. listen to the american people because their priorities are our priorities. with that, i'll turn it over. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker, for bringing us together. thank you for your leadership. thank you to 0 th
pelosi his gender is an issue? if speaker john boehner made a similar chent about female justices nancy pelosi would be crying sexism. the five men in the hobby lobby majority did not determine what couldn't exceptions are legal nor did they quote get down to specifics. news flash, all birth control legal before this decision remains legal today the high court found a religious freedom law co-sponsored by nancy pelosi sometimes protects violations from violating their religious beliefs. neither the high court nor lobby lobby took issue with nancy sebelious mignons that companies cover birth control, but the majority did say hobby lobby had the right to reject to four forms of birth control that happened to terminate a fertilized egg. the diaphragm was never discussed which miss pelosi should know since she famously promised us after obamacare was passed we'd know what was it in. >> i was so outraged my hair was standing on edge. today, the fact checking web site politifact looked at miss pelosi's statement and now, raided it false. when calling her office for a statement her media perso
columns, sunday night at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. >> house speaker john boehner was joined by nancy pelosi and a bipartisan group of signsentatives to formally the workforce innovation and opportunity act. this is about 10 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. thanks to the hard work of the members who are here, in a few minutes i will sign hr 303, a bill that will help americans have access to the skills needed in today's workforce. there are about 4 million job openings in america and about 4 million americans looking for work am a but the skills needed for those jobs are not held by the 4 million people looking for work. this bill does is consolidate job-training programs and provide flexibility at the local level. in addition to all of that, this is a great opportunity for us to show that we can get things done. we can listen to the american people and work together on their behalf because their priorities, frankly, are our priorities. with that i will turn it over. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker, for bringing us together. inc. you for your leadership. -- thank you for your l
against her, went toef a act upon it. it's a privileged motion. this is something john boehner, if if our understanding is correct, he can't even stop. >> how would this happen? would you have to just get votes from a majority in the house for this to happen? how would it happen? >> yeah, it would be a simple majority in the house because it is a house issue of contempt, and the senate and the president can't veto it or interfere, and under the orders of the house, she would be arrested and brought to a jail. she has to respond. what she's doing, this is -- history goes back to when she works at ftc, federal election commission, and some argued she was persecuting conservatives there too. this is a long history of what appears to be belligerent and quite frankly, feels she's above the law. >> critics say if you succeed in this, this will be republicans pushing it too far, let the process play out, holder's got an investigation underway, eric holder, and if you do this, you create empathy for lerner and backlash for the gop. >> how many people sympathize with someone destroying documents a
, is the speaker john boehner saying he's going to sue the pre-of the united states because the president's overstepped his line as president. is there merit in this suit? is it a good idea? what do you think? >> there's some merit but i, of course, have sympathy for both sides. you normally pass a big piece of legislation like the aca, the healthcare bill. and everybody cooperates to fix it. but since we're so dysfunctional, we can't do that. so the president is left saying, well, we've got to really change the law to drop some things to make it worker at least delay it. and so he goes ahead and does that for probably some defensible reason, some political reasons, but it is a pretty bold step for the president to do tuft off the top of his head. it really does delay and probably wipe out a pretty significant part of the law. so when boehner says i'm suing because the president can't just change the law without congressional approval, technically, he's right. but it does grow out of the general dysfunction where you don't have two parties working to make an already passed law function. >
are likely better vaccinated than texas kids. >>> then john boehner's lawsuit against the president. >> you don't bring a lawsuit to a gunfight. >> questionable politically. but what about the merits? >>> and there has been another decision. >> lebron is coming. lebron is coming. >> the greatest athlete on planet earth is returning to cleveland, ohio. tonight, my exclusive interview with the senator who recruited him home. >> i'd love to have lebron back. >> "all in" starts right now. >>> good evening from chicago. i'm chris hayes. the homeland security secretary was on the southern border today tackling the humanitarian crisis unfolding there. this as justices issued a dire warning to congress that key war agencies will run out of money by august, thanks to the rising cost of deal with the surge of unaccompanied immigrant children showing up every day. jeh johnson visited the border facilities in new mexico and texas after announcing his week that the total number of unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border could break 90,000 by the end of the fiscal year, just 2 1/2 months away. as
before 2014 , the republicans need to change their tone in substance about this. right now, john boehner is being controlled by the tea party caucus in his chamber. and harry reid doesn't are have the full detailed, full-out backing of the white house with details about what the $3.7 billion is for. with willingness to change the 2008 law. everybody is sitting on their hands. it is a humanitarian crisis. >> glenn beck sends teddy bears to the kids. how can that hurt? we have a right as americans to have a border rule and enforce it. it should be progressive. are rick perry got in trouble for in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants, right? the kids. marco rubio got in trouble for talking reform. seems like the republicans have are a wall. if you show compassion or looseness in terms of people here illegally without paper or you show you are shaking hands with the president on any issue, you're dead meat. >> especially on immigration. the republican party has to get out of the cocoon where the moderates that have been reasonable like former president bush. >> and lindsey graham
even though speaker john boehner and nancy pelosi disagree on plans for the house to sue president obama. despite house republicans having a laundry list of examples of executive overreach the suit will focus on the president's unilateral actions on the employer mandate of obamacare. >> it's repetitive changes he's made to the law without coming back to congress and just doing it at his own pleasure and own whims. >> reporter: the president signed the affordable care act in 2010 when nancy pelosi was speaker but last year with boehner and republicans leading the house mr. obama postponed the employer mandate and penalties for failing to comply with it. >> every american would want to know can a president arbitrarily waive any law they disagree with when they took an oath of office when they said they would support and defend the constitution. >> reporter: white house aides call the lawsuit a waste of time and money. >> it's our view this is nothing more than a taxpayer funded political stunt and doesn't reflect the priorities that so many americans across the country would like to
the children and number two, stop the deportations. >> the call but house speaker john boehner that he is going to sue president obama and others like sarah palin saying they want him impeached? >> i say, mr. president, do your job. we elected you. tired thatmy, i am democrats and my party always brands itself as not being as bad as republican. that is not our position when it comes to defending the environment. we don't say, we are just not "as bad as." great party, a grand party, a party that has values and principles, the president of the united states with the authority he or he has under the law to stop the deportations -- 5 million american citizenship and have undocumented parents. let's stop destroying the future of those american citizen children by taking away their moms and dad simply because 25 members of the tea party won't allow a vote in the house of representatives. you on your broadcast have seen dozens upon dozens upon dozens of republican members of the house of representatives echo the sentiment a broad base communities. they want to vote for immigration reform. let us vote
by speaker john boehner. "the current president believes he has the power to make his own laws, at times even boasting about it." there you have it. the two leaders of the gop on the same page. they would rather sue the president for delaying part of the health care law than focus on real issues. speaker boehner has no vote scheduled on immigration, minimum wage, unemployment insurance or equal pay for equal work. instead, they are busy with political stunts exposing their own hypocrisy. in 2006, president bush was rolling out a new health care law. medicare part d. as a key deadline approach ed te president decided low income seniors should have more time to sign up. so he waived the deadline. >> as we head for a may 15 deadline, if you are eligible for extra help, if you are a low income senior the deadline doesn't apply to you. you can apply after may 15 without penalty. >> a republican president delaying part of a health care law. democrats didn't sue or threaten to impeach. it would have been are ridiculous and harmful to the country. yet that's exactly what republicans are doing now. jo
's just me they don't like. >> getting sued right now by mr. boehner. >> house speaker john boehner made official what he's threatened for weeks. >> laying out his lawsuit against president obama. >> there's some irony. republicans have opposed the employer mandate. >> i want to repeal the law of the land, is that clear. >> you won't believe the level of obstruction. >> sue me for doing my job. >> listen, i think this is a battle between the two branches of government. >> let's repeal this failure. >> others can make determination about whether it is impeachable or not. >> you don't do your job. >> how's this for a metaphor, capitol hill, specifically the republican led house, is recovering from an industrial waste containment issue. a so-called industrial spill shut down the house chamber thursday morning. all staff members were told to clear the area. the building reopened later thursday. meantime, speaker john boehner and house republicans had another waste containment issue of sorts. they released details of their lawsuit against president obama. republicans have made an art of wasti
's new suit will be a tight fit. for weeks john boehner has been threatening to slap the president of the united states with a lawsuit over his broad use of executive authority. but republicans have been playing the details close to the vest shall we say. now we're finally learning some of the specifics. despite executive orders and actions on everything from immigration to the minimum wage for workers to the environment, for john boehner it apparently all comes down to obamacare, a sharp dressed issue that never goes out of style for the republican base. dana bash is here. so dana, let me make sure i understand it. boehner wants to sue president obama for giving businesses a delay on that obamacare mandate. is that right? >> that's right. that's the issue that they decided to hone in on. however, they say that they believe based on the legal advice they've been getting, they've been looking into this for months that is their best chance at succeeding in a lawsuit against the president for any kind of executive action because they believe that he absolutely had no grounds to do tha
what's john boehner's plan? >> it is about putting political points on the board. >> i think he gains nothing. >> come on, speaker boehner, enough with the stunts. >> it is a freaky friday john boehner edition. the house speaker levees a lawsuit against the president for not only doing his job but doing what house republicans wanted him to do. last night, they released a draft resolution saying the lawsuit against the president will focus on changes to the patient protection and the affordable care act. speaker boehner claims the president violated the constitution when he delayed health law's mandate for businesses without getting the go ahead from congress first. in an irony worthy of alanis more i set, the house gop is planning to sue the president over delaying the employer mandate. they voted themselves to delay the employer mandate a year ago next thursday. potentially more problematic for the gop than spending taxpayer money suing the president over something they agree with in presence pell is the fact that their latest assault of the health law comes amongst strongest evidenc
for the money to deal with the situation. >> abby brings up john boehner. the detail of john boehner's lawsuit against the president are out, and it's going to center around obama delaying the employer mandate for obamacare. not immigration, but the employer mandate. we get it. you really, really hate obamacare. this, even though the percentage of uninsured folks is way down, 9.5 million fewer people are uninsured now. 74% of newly insured republicans say they like their plan. so even republicans who get involved in this thing are very happy with what they're getting. and even eric ericsson, redstate doing, says this is a political stunt, wasting taxpayer dollars. so there seems to be land mines all over the place for this lawsuit plan. why is he doing it? >> it also puts republicans in a very funny position. the employer mandate was unpopular. this is a rule that imposes a fine on companies if they don't provide insurance. republicans have been saying this is going to kill jobs, companies won't hire low-wage workers because they will not want to pay the fine associated with not providing them
can get through this segment without crying on national tv like john boehner. but i will tell you -- >> i was driving, don. i was driving. i'm a good driver, and all of a sudden i heard this big yelp. we were driving past the capitol, oh, my god, what's happening and she said lebron is leaving! and i said oh, my god. i almost got in a car accident. i had to calm her down over some fritters. >> aww! >> he's going cleveland, going home to inspire people. he loves home. i'm happy for him. >> okay, donna, shut up already. okay? nobody wants to hear your -- it's my damn turn and i'm going to cry if i want to. >> oh. don't cry, baby. >> don, frankly, first thing i want to do is thank lebron james, because he came to miami in 2010. he gave miami -- the miami heat great enthusiasm, energy, electricity. we had had the best player in the world. we won two championships with him there. he took less money than he could have. >> that's right. >> to fall under the cap and be able to play with two other guys. >> okay, but, but -- >> now, that being said, i am bereft, and can we just declare a na
couple and four of their children. the fifth survived. >>> house speaker john boehner unveiling the draft resolution now about suing president obama. if this lawsuit goes forward it would focus on the president's use of executive power to change the healthcare law by granting exemptions and delays for the employer mandate. overreach republicans believe that it's against the law. the president yesterday in texas taunting republicans. >> all right. sue them. impeach them. really? really? for what? you're going to sue me for doing my job? >> we have a writer for washington free beacon. the president came out swinging yesterday basically mocking the fact that republicans are going to sue him. does he have a point? >> he's making a point you hear a lot of democrats making. an hour ago i had an e-mail in my inbox from dnc and their headquarters saying sign up for the petition to stop this ridiculous thing of republicans trying to sue us. they believe it's a political stunt and so far they've been able to successfully use it according to the democratic national campaign committee, they've been a
. the house speaker john boehner says he will sue the president over his signature health care law. >>> hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting today from jerusalem. we begin with the middle east powder keg. a rocket fired from lebanon lands inside israel. the death toll in gaza passes a grim milestone. and the israeli military calls up 30,000 reservists, raising fears of a possible israeli ground assault on gaza. all the while, there's no letup in the exchange of rocket fire and air strikes between israel and hamas. one rocket from gaza struck a gas station in southern israel, not far from the border. israeli officials say hamas militants have fired 100 rockets at israel today alone, including one that was intercepted over the tel aviv area. at the scene of the gas station attack, and i was there, i spoke with an israeli first responder. and what happened here exactly? >> there was a rocket directly hit behind me. >> did it hit the truck? >> no, it hit there, where you see, now, the tractor. and of course because of the fire, started from the truck and -- 11 cars were burned totally. >> 11? >> one
knows all my hot buttons. all of them. >> can't wait. >> see you in court. house speaker john boehner outlining his legal strategy in his lawsuit against president obama saying it will focus on president picking and choosing when he enforces parts of obamacare. speaker boehner in a statement saying, quote, in 2013 the president changed the health care law without a vote of congress. effectively creating his own law by literally waving the employer mandate an penalty for failing to comply with it. that is not the way our system of government was designed to work. no president should have the power to make laws on his or her own. in response the white house saying quote, it is disappointing that speaker boehner an congressional republicans decided to waste time and taxpayer dollars on a political stunt. republican leaders in congress are playing washington politics rather than working with the president on behalf of hard-working americans. as the president said today, he is doing his job, lawsuit or not. and it is time republicans in congress did theirs. the response from the president
john boehner is going forward with his lawsuit. >> all right. >> we're talking about suing the president which i think is a prelude to impeaching the president. >> really? >> dust up between the united states and germany over spying. >> the cia is under fire today. >> the german government took the step to order out the top cia official in berlin. >> the president so far has not called americale to apologize or explain. >> photo emerged to show bowe bergdahl smile with a taliban commander. they say it's 100% propaganda. >> rosie is back on "the view." some people having a visceral reaction. i think it's a good move on abc's part. in the long term, rosie always self-destructs. >> everyone deserves a second chance. >> rick perry said he wasn't going to greet the president when he arrived at the airport. they made a big deal about it. and then governor perry finally
speaker john boehner plans to file against president obama as house lawmakers draft a resolution authorizing that move. i'm eric shawn in for jon scott. >> i'm arthel neville in for jenna today. it will focus on changes to obamacare so-called employer mandate. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with the latest. mike what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, arthel, house leaders say president obama changed the health care law without a vote of congress, effectively creating his own law. after signing the bill into law back in 2009, the president later waived the employer mandate and the penalties for failing to comply with it. republicans say he legislated without the legislative branch and think make the case, mr. obama does not have that authority. >> this is about the legislative branch that is being disadvantaged by the executive branch. and it is not about executive actions. every president does executive orders. most of them though do them within the law. what we're talking about here are places where the president is basically rewriting l
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